Dear friends

it seems such a long time since i put my thoughts to paper.What has changed since i last wrote about the world and the answer is absolutely nothing.In fact the world seems to be going crazy at the moment.In the middle east different muslim and religious  factions are still killing each other and now the mental fanaticism of isis has made the whole world a dangerous place to be in.The thousands of refugees teaming across the borders into europe is the legacy of the ill fated iraq war and the lack of  a peace plan that would have helped those poor people.In america there is a wave of violence and unrest against the unlawful killing of black people and in the uk we seem to be in turmoil after leaving europe these are certainly changing and challenging times.So what as spiritual people can we do ,i believe first we have to hold out our hand to those poor people that have had to leave their homes and try to escape the madness of the wars in the middle east .Let us begin to understand that all man is equal and respect the religious and political  views of other people and after all these years should we not be looking beyond the colour of someones skin and seing the true  being that they are,a spirit in a physical body.Let us start to embrace the changing world and start to put into power people that want to do away with the old order of materialism and greed and help us become a society of caring and sharing people that believe in equality for all regardless of colour,religion gender or sexuality,is it so hard to do.

The first thing in all spiritual development is that the conscience awakens and you begin to care about your fellow man.In all my classes i try to impart to the students the importance of sitting in the power of spirit ,blending with the energy of the spirit world and in doing so it will give you that power to work with our spirit friends wherever you go and to fan the flame of the spirit within which is the real you.This i believe is what can help change the world when mankind begins to reconise the power that is within them ,develop it and through that faculty of the spirit within we can make this world a better and more safer place to live.Respect one and other friends we are all equal.Take care

lots of love

billy xxx



Smad Copyright 2004

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